A (very informal) collection of (mostly useful) resources

This page was created to share some of the educational resources I personally used or consulted as an integration to my studies and that I would probably suggest. My background was not even close to mathematics (I even did a classical lyceum in high school), but since I moved to study genetics and complex traits, I had to integrate more and more. Self-learning has become a pivotal part of my career, at this point, so I thought something like this would help other people willing to learn. If you want to enable my bad habit of hoarding self-learning sources, or you think there’s one that addresses some topics better, feel free to get in touch.

The resources are categorised by topics, in no particular order. I am trying to stick to one or two (heavily opinionated) sentence for the description, in order to make it as much concise as possible. Most of them are agnostical in terms of background, wherever possible. The ones marked with an asterisk (*) are usually the ones that I like to consult as a primer on topics I do not know about, or that gives enough context to be able to move on to other, more advanced resources. Some of them have a “from zero to hero” approach, some other just deal with the basics very very well. I am trying to post the free versions wherever possible, but Google is really your friend.

I also won’t stress enough that everything here is strictly in my own opinion: there are some oddballs, that I added because I think they’re useful as informal introductions, but I am not sure if they are suited for more formal contexts.

General mathematics

General statistics

Biostatistics & statistical genetics


General programming



Emacs & org-mode

Have I mentioned I use a lot of Emacs? No? Well, here are some resources about it anyway:

Open science practices


I added a small privacy section here, since it might be useful in case you deal with sensitive data or other kind of private informations.